WASK Aquastop Features on BBC2's Watermen: A Dirty Business

WASK's Aquastop has recently featured in a new prime time observational documentary on BBC2 Watermen: A Dirty Business.

Watermen: A Dirty Business follows United Utilities (UU) 9,000 strong workforce as they ensure that safe and clean water reaches UK homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It highlights the complex operation which happens behind the scenes from customer services to our own skilfully engineered products and ground-breaking projects.

During Episode 2, United Utilities install WASK's Aquastop, which is an ideal and effective solution for temporarily stopping flow in an operating pipeline & enabling repair and renovations to be carried out without disruption to the customer network. The challenges are highlighted by the enormous pipe line network - 42,000 kilometres of water!

Sister brand Viking Johnson is also featured, when a MaxiFit Coupling for pipe jointing and later an EasiClamp for quick repair are both installed.

To view the series visit iPlayer here.

United Utilities has a market capitalisation of nearly 6bn and serves a region where more than seven million people live and work.