New WASK Riser and Lateral System Can Cut Installation Costs in Half

WASK, a leading manufacturer of specialist fittings & equipment for the gas and water industries, has today launched a new Riser and Lateral system. This unique modular system enables PE Pipework to be utilized to supply gas to single and multi-occupancy dwellings, which is proven to reduce installation and maintenance costs by up to 40% when compared to an all-steel system. 

This new Riser & Lateral system from WASK is durable, lightweight and quick and easy to install with no need for skilled welders or pipefitters. Unlike the old steel system, it is resistant to expansion, totally maintenance and leak free and does not rust.

The construction of a gas supply to a multi-occupancy building requires special consideration and the British Institute of Gas Engineers’ (IGE) recommend that gas piping is fitted to the outside of buildings because internal piping requires dedicated ducts, wall and floor seals and good access for maintenance, particularly where the pipes pass through domestic areas. These requirements can be difficult to fulfill in existing or older buildings, so the new WASK Lateral and Risers system is very well suited to refurbishment projects.

WASK’s new Riser & Lateral system is designed specifically with the IGE recommendations in mind and comprises a range of dedicated corrosion resistant metal fittings, which is even more important in challenging environments such as coastal regions. Standard PE pipe connects to each fitting using the WASK site-assembled crimp joint to complete the system. The supply enters each dwelling through an outside wall by means of a standard WASK house entry tee, house entry elbow or other bespoke entry fitting. The PE pipe is protected against sunlight and mechanical damage by means of GRP sleeves retained in place by wall clips. The WASK crimp joint is a proven and long-established jointing system fully approved to British Gas specification GIS/PL3.