Product Application

Provides for a transition between existing steel, ductile, spun iron or PVC piping and polyethylene pipe.


The Pecatadapter utilises the PECAT jointing system in conjunction with the wide range bolted flexible Maxifit joint. The depth of the Maxifit end allows for some angularity on the steel pipe, making it easy to install and allowing for pipeline movement such as ground settlement..

The fitting, which is supplied complete with 0.5 metre PE 80 tail, replaces two back-to-back flange adapters which would normally be used when making such connections. This reduces the likelihood of leakage and reduces stockholding and installation costs.


Main body:
Casting to BS.2789 Grade 420/12

Bolting Flange:
Casting to BS.2789 Grade 420/12 M.C.I. to BS 6681-W40-05

PECAT sleeve:
Mild steel - ST52.0 DIN 1629

Stainless steel

Nitrile Grade BS EN 682-2002

Corrosion Protection:
Rilsan black coating on metal parts.


The Maxifit end of the Pecatadapter is simply slipped over the end of the ferrous or PVC pipe (no disassembling required) ensuring that the whole width of the seal is in contact with the outer surface of the pipe. The bolts are then tightened in sequence to the recommended torque rating.

Please refer to the PE pipe or fitting manufacturer’s instructions for details on electro-fusion and butt-fusion procedures.

Part no Metal Pipe Range, mm Nominal Size
BR2035 88.1-102.4 90mm SDR17 x 3"
BR2149 107-132 90mm SDR17 x 4"
BR2058 107.2-127.8 125mm SDR17 x 4"
BR2067 158.2-181.6 125mm SDR17 x 6"
BR2059 158.2-181.6 180mm SDR17 x 6"
BR2104 272-289 250mm SDR17 x 10"
BR2065 218.1-235 250mm SDR17 x 8"
BR2052 272-289 315mm SDR17 x 10"
BR2103 322.9-339.4 315mm SDR17 x 12"
BR2111 322.9-339.4 355mm SDR17 x 12"